Zevenbergen Tour 2017


Junior players are invited to sign up for the forthcoming Zevenbergen tour – 28th April to 1st May. The event is open to all Under-14, Under-16 and Under-18 players. This year is a special year because it’s the 25th Anniversary Tour! Full details can be found in this Tour FAQs document.

Please complete and send the Registration Form (below) with £70 deposit to Darren Davies at Mascalls, Margaretting Road, Writtle, Chelmsford CM1 3PN by Friday, 13th January. Cheques should be made payable to “Chelmsford Hockey Club (Youth Section)” please. Late registrations may be accepted but please check with one of the organising committee first.

The final cost for the weekend has yet to be finalised but we are aiming to keep it below £200. If a lot of tourists sign up then the final cost will be reduced. This includes all travel, insurance, meals, hockey, social events and, of course, the obligatory personalised tour hoodie. So, please spread the word and encourage your friends to sign up!


We do need some responsible adults on the tour to supervise the players. If you are interested in joining the tour in this capacity please speak to one of the organising committee. All Responsible Adults will be subject to CRB checks and will also need to complete a Registration Form please.


Players will require a day off school – Friday, 28th April. We suggest you seek permission from your school for this absence. Please feel free to use this letter in its current form or simply as a template for your own letter.

If you want further details about the weekend please speak to one of the organising committee – Kitch, Andrew Bird (Birdie), Kerry Hull, Darren Davies, Hilary Gore, Paul Harrison or Lan-Lan Kam.

Follow us on Twitter on @CHCZevTour.