Chelmsford Junior section is set up to provide quality coaching in a safe and fun environment. The training sessions are run by experienced and well qualified coaches and assisted by able helpers who are either parents from sporting backgrounds, senior hockey players from the club along with some of our young leaders.

We take the welfare of our juniors very seriously and our club Welfare Officers is responsible for ensuring all volunteers have been DBS checked and given guidance into our Club and England Hockey policies.

We cater for the complete beginner who has never picked up a stick to the elite junior who is aiming for International status. We provide sticks if needed and all equipment with the exception of personal protective equipment. Shin pads and Gum shields are strongly recommended and without them the coach may not let your child join in all aspects of training/games. New comers can have 3 trial sessions before they need to become members however ALL players need to have completed a membership form which includes parental contact and child medical details.

Your child can start playing at aged 5 and then from aged 8 there is competitive 7 a-side match play in mini tournaments around Essex against other club teams. Aged 13 Junior teams then play in 11 a-side hockey matches and are involved in County and National Leagues and Cups.

At the age of 13, as well as attending Sunday training and playing in junior matches, your teenager can also join in mid-week senior training sessions and play in senior hockey matches on a Saturday. This transition into senior hockey is done very carefully taking into account the physical and emotional maturity of each individual and there is much liaising between the Junior coaches and Senior club coaches about this. Senior club players are also very well educated into “helping” the junior move into adult hockey. Given the number of senior sides that our club has this allows each junior to find an appropriate standard of hockey for them and not one that is either too high or too low. Whilst being competitive the senior sides still very much emphasise enjoyment and place importance on the social side of the game, for example staying for teas after the game to socialise with the team is encouraged and expected.

We not only provide an outdoor hockey experience at Chelmsford but also indoor hockey with teams from under 10s to under 18 competing in tournaments. Chelmsford Hockey Club’s Junior Section is headed up by the Chair, Kathryn Macdonald, who has played in an under 21 World Cup and captained a ladies 1 st team in the National league for 5 years before moving into coaching both men’s and ladies’ National league teams and Junior England teams where she coached 4 Olympic Gold Medal and two Bronze Medal winners.

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