No Parking Zones

David KitchinerFeatured, News

Following a recent major incident at Chelmer Park on a Sunday morning where an ambulance was unable to gain access to the pitch area because a car had parked in front of the emergency access bollards in front of the Council artificial pitch, we would like to remind all members and parents that the yellow grid in front of the bollards should not be used for car parking.

We appreciate that it can sometimes be difficult to find free car park bays at peak times but emergency services must have unobstructed access at all times to ensure park users’ safety. ¬†Chelmsford City Council have informed us that they can take enforcement action against car owners who park outside designated parking bays but require evidence in order to do so. ¬†To assist the Council in taking action, club members are urged to send photographs of offending cars to a member of the management committee if they notice any infringement.

While the no parking zones are clearly marked on the car park surface, we have asked the Council to consider additional eye-level signage to help with keeping these areas clear.