Chelmsford Hockey Club is committed to providing high-quality, fun, safe and engaging coaching sessions for all members.  The vast majority of our coaching is delivered by volunteer coaches and helpers.  The club will support coach training and education financially.  If you are interested in getting involved then these pages are for you.  Follow the links below or please speak to a member of the management committee for further details.

Who Can Deliver Sessions – Who can lead, deliver or simply assist with coaching sessions and games.

Coaching Qualifications – Understand the difference between the different coaching qualification levels today and historically.

Workshops and Courses – Find information about workshops and courses to suit everybody.

Accredited vs. Qualified – It’s not just about obtaining a coaching qualification.  There are other vital certificates that you need before you can start coaching.

Planning Safe Hockey – Find out what you can do to create a safe environment for all who participate in your sessions.

Coaching Insurance – However safe your session is, accidents can still happen.  Make sure you have appropriate personal liability insurance cover.