Men’s 6th XI v Wapping

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The all too long winter hibernation over, bright-eyed souls emerged from their vehicles and lingered about at the edge of the Chelmsford sand, keen to get a stick on a ball for maybe the first time in a few weeks.

Wapping arrived in dribs and drabs and flipped the coin and chose ends. To a man they looked young and enthusiastic and it was not long before the Chelmsford defence was breached and Wapping were a goal up.

However, this had been a lucky goal, it just seemed all wrong, against the natural order. And it was just the ‘electric shock’ that was needed to spark the team into life, and like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the team awoke and started laying claim to their rightful place in the world. A bit of lurching in defence was followed by some profuse dribbling in midfield and Oli Headon putting Joe Cater through on the keeper. An unselfish pass to Neil Middleton restored some natural order with a well deserved equalizer.

Just before half time there were more toothy grins as a messy short corner was gathered up and resulted in Alex Nicoll scoring Chelmsford’s second to take the lead.

Half time came, bolts were tightened, fluids replaced and morale boosted with a rousing team talk from Captain Matt Gore. The beast straightened it’s back and set forth with the knowledge that Wapping were a bit susceptible to width and a bit short on ideas when they were properly marked.

The second half  began as brightly as the first finished with Chelmsford driving wide via Matt Gore who punched a cross into Owen Groves to slot home for 3-1.

Wapping did rouse themselves a few times more but their pitchforks and torches were no match for the monster now in full flow and they were easily repelled.

The 6s are back motoring! The jump cables will not be necessary for next week’s away trip to Waltham Forest at 15:30.