Chelmsford Men’s SuperVets vs Tulse Hill and Dulwich

Nicole HullMatch Reports

Result: Drew 0-0

This weeks Rangers (as promised John Wayne theme) welcomed Dulwich to the battle ground (Green Beret) Chelmer Park, Chelmsford still “searching” for their first win of the season. Dulwich without an umpire and late GK started strongly, pressing our heroes and sole umpire. Our ranks (Sands of Iwo Jima) held firm with our defence standing shoulder to shoulder. Chelmsford then played by far the best hockey of the match, great transitions, maintaining position and creating goal scoring chances for the Bandit De Mello. Kimmy Hansen and Billy Wiz (real name) combining to dominate the midfield during this passage of play. An evenly balanced first half finished nil all, not at all the “Alamo” we were expecting…..

Private Segar gave the orders for the second half along the lines of, were still in this, play the second half much the same as the first.

Combat (undefeated) resumed with hand to hand skirmishes breaking out all over the pitch. Every pass and tackle aggressively contested, with Purple hearts (Green Beret) being handed out like smarties. Sherriff Wheaton kept calm and continued to officiate amongst the carnage. Valiant efforts buy Hull “the hell I will” and Woody circling the wagons, keeping the Comancheroes at bay. Chelmsford continued to play hockey throughout, with Neavy taking an excellent chance from the top of the D, denied by the Dulwich GK, the save of the match.

Much improved performance with “true grit” on display as requested last week, we need to take this performance in to next weeks’ melee against Surbiton.