New Member Registration

This page shows how much it costs to play for Chelmsford Hockey Club in the 2017/18 Season. These fees have been calculated by the Treasurer to ensure that the club does not run at a loss and were agreed at the 2016/17 AGM.



Category Paid by 30th September Paid by 31st October Penalty Rate Half Season
Adult £150 £160 £170 £100
Aged 19-24 and working £75 £80 £85 £50
Full time further education student over 19 £100 £100 £110 £50
Junior (Up to and including year 3) £70 £70 £70 n/a
Junior (Years 4-8) £90 £90 £90 n/a
Junior (Years 9-13) £100 £100 £100 n/a
Associate (up to 6 games per season) £46 £50 £56 n/a
Associate (non-playing) £20 £20 n/a n/a
Social £10 £10 n/a n/a

*Goalkeeper with own kit – 50% off Subs and Match Fees*
NB: No training fees or match fees will be collected during the winter season for participation in outdoor junior hockey. The sub is an all inclusive sum. Junior members aged under 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18 can attend senior midweek training and participate in senior Saturday matches; those selected to play in adult teams will be expected to pay £8 per adult match played (but no extra subscription). Children playing only in the Monday after school pay and play sessions do not need to pay an annual subscription.

Club officers and captains are given a discount on their membership subscriptions (if they wish it) as a thank you for the time they spend volunteering. 

Players joining part way through a season would normally pay a reduced first year subscription pro rata to the percentage of the season played ( to be agreed with the Membership Secretary). This becomes payable within a month of joining and late payment incurs penalties in line with the full subscriptions policy


Match fees are collected by the captain after the match, please make every effort to pay your captain on time especially if you are leaving immediately after the match. If for some reason you end up playing more than one game per day, then you are only due to pay one set of match fees, please inform the captain of your second match that this is the case.

Match levy (Adult, 19-24 & Working, Associate) £12
Match levy (Full time further education student) £8
Match levy (junior playing adult hockey) £8

When do I pay my annual subs?

Annual subscriptions are due at the start of the season – 1st September – or, for new members, upon election. Subscriptions can be paid up to the end of December, but for each month past September the fee will increase. Late payment of annual subscriptions will result in the member being barred from playing until the arrears are cleared or, in some cases, expulsion from the Club.

How do I pay my annual subs?

You can pay by cash or cheque made payable to Chelmsford Hockey Club, or through bank transfer (See form or speak to Treasurer) the money plus the completed subscription form (Adult /Junior) may be given to Team Captains or sent directly to the membership secretary at:

Adult Section
Gill Collins
Address TBC
Junior Section
Amanda Waite58 West Hanningfield RoadGreat Baddow




If anyone has any difficulty with paying the fees due to unemployment or other circumstances they can discuss this in confidence with the treasurer who will try to come to some arrangement, sometimes in return for some volunteering time at the club. You can also pay your subscriptions through direct debit, to do this please complete the attached form (in Forms) and give it to either your team captain or the relevant membership secretary. There is a slight premium for paying by direct debit.

What is Associate Membership?

Associate Membership may apply to either: a. playing members of any age who play on an infrequent of occasional basis, or b. non-playing members (coaches, umpires, parents, etc,) who give service to the Club. As well the right to enjoy all the amenities offered by the Club, Associate Membership entitles the holder to attend and vote at an AGM or EGM.

What is Social Membership?

Social Membership may apply to those who merely wish to enjoy the social facilities and amenities offered by the Club. The holder is not entitled to vote at an AGM or EGM.