Press Officer Vacancy

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We have a vacancy for a press and publicity officer. This is a volunteer role and involves trying to get coverage of the club in the local press and on local radio to raise awareness of the club in the community with match reports (written by teams!) but also via community interest stories such as the Guinness World Record, Back2hockey … Read More

Pitch update & footwear

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The new pitches at Chelmer Park Many of you will have seen that our new pitch is now completed as will shortly be the adjacent Council pitch. Both surfaces are sand dressed carpets manufactured by Lano in Belgium. The club’s is the Lano Revolution; the Council’s the Lano Integration the difference being that ours is designed specifically for hockey. The … Read More

Download membership forms here!

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New member or renewal membership forms can be found on the link below. Pay before 30th Sept to avoid a price rise! Registration Forms    

Basic Skills Coaching Course 27/9

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We are running a basic skills coaching course on Wednesday 27th Sept at 7.30pm in the clubhouse and on the pitch. The purpose of this course is to help new and developing coaches to understand how to perform some of the fundamental hockey skills to help them better coach their squads. It is ideal for coaches and captains who may be … Read More

Junior Fee Increase Explanation

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Junior subs and match fee increase You may have noticed that there has been an increase in junior subs (excl. the under 8 age group) and also in match fees for juniors playing in senior games.  Any such changes in membership are agreed with both the club’s overall management committee and at the junior section committee.  The committees discuss and … Read More

Buy a pitch square!

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Fancy ‘owning’ part of the new pitch?! We are ‘selling’ off pitch squares to raise money for the new pitch and the club in general. Take a look at the Pitch Puzzle in the clubhouse then follow these steps…. Choose the piece you want, noting the area it’s in, its number (eg L,27) and its value (see key). If there … Read More