Pro League Tickets 2020

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England Hockey are keen to promote  the Pro League this season and have asked us to draw your attention to the home fixtures which are being played this year from Sat 2nd May to Sunday 14th June.

Click here for a Priority link for tickets.

Members / families & friends can gain rewards for our club. There are some brilliant rewards on offer.

A GB Hockey’s new scheme to turn your support for our national teams into extra value for your club – Hockey Rewards.

In 2019 clubs & their members supported the Great Britain teams at home in the inaugural FIH Pro League season.  So for 2020 we’ve created Hockey Rewards which lets you convert the FIH Pro League tickets that club members buy into points, and points into rewards for your club.

The ability to turn tickets into Rewards couldn’t be simpler as all your members have to do is tag your club when you buy.  But don’t forget, if you buy before the Hockey Family Window ends on 4th February EH will ensure all your members are sat together.  The easiest social to organise ever!

Once again here is the Priority link for tickets:

Full details of how the scheme works and the rewards are here.

PDF version of club rewards Hockey Rewards_1 pager_210120


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