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Dear Members,

Your management committee has received a number of enquiries regarding the payment of annual membership subscriptions and match fees this season while some club facilities and activities are impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.


Your management committee wishes to make it clear that, at the moment, and in line with England Hockey guidance, we have to plan for a normal start to the season and a full programme of league hockey, while recognising that could change at any moment in reaction to changes in national and local COVID-19 restrictions and guidance.

As such, we can confirm that we are aiming to collect all annual subscriptions by the usual published deadlines, and we urge you all to pay on time please.  A number of members are working a lot harder this year to provide you with a safe hockey environment, and the last thing they need is to be chasing debtors.  We do not believe that paying members should subsidise non-payers and we can assure you that those who fail to pay will not be selected to play.

Revenue from membership subscriptions and match fees is the main source of income for your club.  Without that revenue your club will cease to function, and you will be forced to play your hockey elsewhere.  We have already lost significant revenue this season due to cancelled activities over the spring and summer months and simply cannot afford to lose any more.

If we are forced to suspend hockey activities this season the management committee may consider that it is appropriate to refund part of your membership subscription but cannot do that without the formal agreement of members.  If the management committee feels it is appropriate, we shall call a Special General Meeting (SGM) to discuss and agree any proposals.  Of course, members also have the right to call a SGM if they feel it is appropriate.  Ultimately, you, the members, are in full control and have the final say.


As we are unable to provide post-match refreshments at the moment, your management committee has agreed and recommended that match fees should be temporarily reduced by £2 per match with effect from 26th September:

Adult, Associate – £10

Young Adult, Juniors playing Adult hockey – £6

This decision must be formally agreed at a SGM and we shall shortly publish a notice of a SGM to discuss and agree the proposal.

May I take this opportunity of wishing you all an enjoyable, if unusual, season.  Please stay safe and take the restrictions seriously.  They are there for everybody’s safety.