Greetings from the President

David KitchinerNews

Hi Everyone,

I would comment firstly that I am deeply flattered by the request to be your President especially in the very sad circumstances which led to the vacancy and the challenges in following Spencer.

As we start the incoming season following what has been, and continues to be, an extremely unprecedented year for us all, I would encourage all members to get into the swing of the new rules and regs as soon as possible and get back to the game we love. There will be difficulties with all of this but it will benefit us all, especially the Youth, who are our future.

Big thanks to all the office bearers who keep us going.

I look forward to seeing you at the Club soon and please say hello, as I don’t know everyone.

When playing Evergreens ( or 7ths) I am the guy in the blue helmet shouting at the back!

Best wishes and enjoy.