England Hockey Governance Changes

David KitchinerNews

Some members may be aware of proposed changes to the way hockey is governed in England.

England Hockey were asked by clubs at the 2017 AGM to review the way the sport was structured locally and have been consulting widely and developing a proposal.  This proposal is based on seven overarching principles:

1. As National Governing Body, England Hockey has overall responsibility for the sport in England
2. There is a fundamental role for local organisation and decision making
3. Clarification of accountability of all organising bodies to their stakeholders and ultimately to England Hockey is required
4. Simplification of structure should be the aim to make it easier for all involved
5. Clarity of purpose is key for all organising bodies
6. Common principles of governance are necessary for all organising bodies
7. Consistency of overarching policies, rules and regulations is required for all aspects relating to playing hockey*

* Umpiring, officiating and coaching are included in the scope of the AGM Resolution and are included within the term ‘playing’. Rules and some regulations subject to FIH

The proposal has now been finalised and is due to be presented to the 2019 England Hockey AGM in March for adoption.  If adopted, the plan is to put in place eight new regional administrative bodies and new adult league structures for the start of the 2021/22 season.

To read more about the proposals please see the following:
• Summary version – click here
• Full detailed proposal – click here
• Area maps and draft adult league structures – click here

Further information is also available on the England Hockey website.

Your Management Committee are liaising with England Hockey and other local hockey organisations in order to clarify items, allay any concerns and to determine which way Chelmsford HC will vote in March.

You need take no action personally.  However, if you have any questions or concerns about the proposals and how they may affect Chelmsford HC, please contact Kitch in the first instance.