Minis (U10 & U12 G&Bs) Alliance Tournament @ CP 19/2

Sally DaltonMatch Reports, News

Mini tournament at Chelmer Park 19th Feb (U10 girls, U12 girls, U10 boys, U10 girls)

Thanks to everyone that helped out today: Sam for co-ordinating the schedule many times over and running most of the day.  Also thanks to Steve for so much back to back umpiring, to Emily and Gill for their umpiring and also Dan for running the tea hut so well. Thanks to all parents that helped in the tea hut. 

Results from today:

U10 girls

Ch vs BS 1-1

BS vs OL 2-1

BH vs Ch 1-0

OL vs Ch 0-1

BS vs BH 0-0

OL vs BH 0-1

BH 7 pts

BS 5 pts

Ch 4 pts

OL 3pts

U12 girls

OL vs BS 0-1

BH vs SW 2-0

BS vs SW 0-1

BH vs Ch 3-1

OL vs SW 0-1

Ch vs BS 2-0

BH vs BS 2-1

Ch vs SW 1-1

OL vs BH 0-2

OL vs Ch 2-3

BH 12 pts

Ch 7 pts

SW 7 pts

BS 3 pts

OL 0pts

U10 boys

OL vs BS 8-0

BH vs Ch 6-0

Cr vs BH 0-5

OL vs Ch 7-0

BS vs Cr 0-0

BH vs BS 2-0

OL vs Cr 7-0

Ch vs BS 1-0

OL vs BH 1-0

Cr vs Ch 1-1

OL 12pts

BH 9ts

Ch 4 pts

Cr 2pts

BS 1pt

U12 boys

OL vs BS 9-0

BH vs Ch 5-1

BS vs Cr 2-3

OL vs Ch 6-0

Cr vs BH 0-2

BH vs BS 4-0

OL vs Cr 5-0

Ch vs BS 0-2

OL vs BH 4-1

Cr vs Ch 2-0

OL 12pts

BH 9ts

Cr 6pts

BS 3pts

Ch 0 pt