Men’s 6th XI v Men’s 5th XI

adminMatch Reports

It was a bright and early start for both the 5s and 6s with the match to commence at 10am. Despite this the weather couldn’t have been better with warm and sunny conditions.

It wasn’t the best start for the 6s, with 2 goals going to the 5s after a series of short corners in just the first 10 minutes. Despite this we were not ready to give up and came straight back on the attack. A reverse flick aimed at the back post by Ben Middleton opened up the scoring. On the other had the 5s still seemed relentless, scoring another goal, from yet another short corner. Could it get any worse for the 6s?

It was now half time, where we had just enough time to cool off and re-strategize, which was a big success with the 6s winning a short corner not long into the second half. This however didn’t go to plan ending up with the 5s attacking us yet again. With a silly pass turning over possession the 5s attack was broken down into a counter attack. With a couple of swift 1-2 movements and a cross to the top of the D, the 6s showed their worth with a goal driven in far post by Oliver Middleton.

Following this goal, Chelmsford finally seemed to find the motivation they needed, maintaining the high pressure on the 5’s. This proved successful with the equaliser scored by Ben Middleton from a perfectly executed short corner.

This left the 5s struggling for the much needed victory; however this did not come, leaving the score at 3:3.

M6s: 3
M5s: 3