Chelmsford Men’s SuperVets vs Old Loughts

Nicole HullMatch Reports

Result: W 2-1

Scorers: Merry Evans, Gollum

After a brief rallying point at the shire, our Fellowship embarked on their quest for 6 pointer league match in Mordor just outside chipping Ongar. With OL’s in a similar position at the foot of the table, both sides faced a must win match. OL’s started well pressing high up the pitch our Dwarfs; Thorin and Gimli rallying in defence. Despite sustaining continuous attacks our midfield hobbits; Frodo Hansen, Sam Neavy, Merry Evans and Pippin Percel took the game to OL’s, our movement was excellent moving the ball across the pitch creating a couple of chances in the OL’s D, Gandalf the Gray Smith creating havoc in the OL’s 25. Chelmsford forced a couple of corners, from which the break down found Merry Evans with the time to level a shot on the OL’s goal, 1:0 and were on our way and out of the “Mines”. The 1st half finished without Chelmsford adding to the score line but by far, playing the better hockey.

The fellowship was lifted with a spirited half time talk by skipper Elrond Seager, the scene set for “the return of the king”.

Chelmsford continued to play excellent hockey Hobbits; Frodo, Sam and Merry chasing down every OL pass and ball. OL’s reverted to the long ball as there was no way through our midfield. With little being created from open play in our 25. OL’s won a couple of SC’s, the second resulting from a head high ball being batted away by Gimli Hull the biggest dwarf in Isengard. Gulwinder managed to find the Chelmsford net and the wrath of Eye was upon the defence, our GK Sauron erupting into action. Again the fellowship rallied forcing multiple errors from OL and creating chances in their D, Gandulf and Gollum doing the business.

This continuous pressure resulted in confusion of the OL’s defence with a shot from Gollum being carried over the OL goal line by their own player!! Happy days we’ll take that any day. Chelmsford closed the game down with intelligent play from Hansen and the other hobbits. Special mention for Legolas Ed whose movement was excellent, along with Gollum and Merry.

So the escape to victory is on, with our fellowship celebrating in the OL’s clubhouse, this most “precious” of wins.