Chelmsford Men’s SuperVets vs Old Loughts

Nicole HullMatch Reports

Result: Won 1-0

If you google “Great Escapes” of all time your find previous offerings from yours truly; The great escape WW2 epic from Stalag Luft 3, The return of the King by JRR Tolken, so here goes with a triple header; the Stephen King classic Chelmshank Redemption

Our inmates welcomed bottom of the table strugglers Old Loughts to Wardens Norton exercise yard. Our heroes’ just one win away from safety, but knowing full well strugglers OL’s would not give up the game easily. On a warm spring day, the game settled in to a high tempo immediately, OL’s pressed and probed the Chelmsford defence, wave after of wave was repelled, with Convict MacGee making a double save to his right. OL’s continued to wobble into the Chelmsford D picking up multiple Short Corners, but happily unable to convert. The Chelmsford defence holding fast, Convict Hull picked up an extended sentence for a minor misdemeanour, finding himself off for the final 4 minutes of the half. Chelmsford rallied and closed ranks on the advancing OL’s forwards. The half-finishing 0-0.

With a rallying cry from “Brooks” Gill saw Chelmsford back at full strength returning to the affray.

The second half was a far more even affair with Chelmsford playing some of their best hockey, our ex cons combining well through inmates, King, Neave and Hansen. OL’s seem to get the advantage of convicts on our 25, but the back line held, with Hull continuing to get the better of the forwards and Purcell distinguishing himself with goalpost deflections from multiple SC’s. Chelmsford also pressed the OL’s D, inmates Gore and King stretching the defence, tackles rained in and consistent umpiring resulted in the award of a number of SC’s. Up stepped Ellis “Red Smith” (sounds like and Australian bush bandit), receiving the ball at the top of the D from Kenny, slotting home to give Chelmsford something to fight for. OL’s to their credit continued play some probing hockey but failed to find that decisive shot to trouble our band of brothers.

An amazing run from Christmas, undefeated in the league with 5 wins and 2 draws, now safe on 17 points in 3rd place !!!!!! An amazing escape from 0 points at the Xmas break, congratulations in retaining our Div 1 status for next season fellas.