Chelmsford Men’s SuperVets vs Hampstead and Westminster

Nicole HullMatch Reports

Result: L 4-2

Firstly, must say thanks to all the guys who helped us out to ensure we were able to field a side and with a couple to spare so we could spread the load for those having to play again later. Also thanks to Steve for umpiring to ensure the game was well controlled.

The story of the first half was dominated by the low sun and the speed and teamwork of the oppositions midfield who consistently managed to get through with numbers and put our defence under continuous pressure.

First two goals were both well taken but crawf had little chance with strong shots out of the sun. The second two goals were scrappier and typical of our season to date, the ball always seem to be ending up with their forwards in front of goal with little left to do.

We put some good moves together but did not really trouble their goalkeeper.

The second half was a much different story now that the opposition had to cope with the sun. We made some adjustments to the system which worked really well and we were able to get greater control of the game. Billie D at back of the diamond had a fine game throughout and controlled Ben (the dirty bastard) and kept him in his box in the second half. Matt Dawe, guesting, had a fine game and was able to use his younger legs and skills to good effect. Foxy was excellent throughout and made a real nuisance of himself in his own unique way and Alastair as the other full back made some timely interceptions. Also special mention for some great saves from Crawf and the most amazing turn by Simon D mesmerizing 2 defenders and leaving them rooted to the spot. We made a number of good chances in the second half and scored mid way through and just before the end.

Overall a great comeback after the first half performance and we did well to win the second half, at least.