Chelmsford Men’s SuperVets and Evergreens vs Hammersmith & Westminster

Nicole HullMatch Reports

Result: Loss 0-1

Our intrepid band of brothers, comprising elements of Vets and Evergreens continued their quest to our Capital in this week’s fixture against Hammersmith and Westminster.   Somewhat shocked by our squad of thirteen, we figured our first win of the season was on the cards, with both umpires sportingly being supplied by H&W.  However, this thought was thwarted early on in us conceding a soft goal, bobbling past our goalkeeper, mumbling of a defenders foot or leaves on the line, some suitable excuse under his helmet.   H&W continued to press high with Chelmsford equally combining well through the midfield with our man “Iron man 3”, Kim Hansen, pulling the strings in midfield. Chelmsford continued to play flowing hockey throughout the first half getting little in way of sympathy from the H&W umpires.

Chelmsford’s forwards combined well to create a number of goal scoring opportunities with Tim Smith and Spencer putting the H&W defence under pressure. After an inspirational half time talk from our Captain, El Hollebon, (recently repatriated from Spanish), Chelmsford took the field and immediately turned the ball over putting our Defensive quartet under unnecessary pressure.  However, the defence held firm stifling numerous H&W breakaways.   Some excellent play resulted in an airborne Ed DeMello scrambling the ball towards the H&W net.   Tim “Twinkletoes” Smith continued to dazzle but was unable to conjure a clean chance.

As the game drew to a close and the bar beckoned the midfield tired and the game finished with end to end breakaways and chances.   Overall an even and enjoyable game played in good spirit with lots of positive points to take into our next fixture against Spencer on 28th October.