Chelmsford Men’s Super Vets vs St Albans

Nicole HullMatch Reports

Result: Loss 0-5

Match report with a Texas Frontier theme, read on……..

This week’s militia travelled to St Albans after scrambling for players and a Keeper, a massive thanks to a raccoon capped Chris Crockett, forsaking the game played with the feet for the one played with a stick and his team mates.

All was quiet in the chapel then the action started, our militia strengthened by Mexican deserter Ian Knocks. Chelmsford moved the ball well probing Santa Anna’s defence for the first 10 mins of the game looking the better side, however its wasn’t long before the Texan skirmish lines were breached by Mexican regulars, Angus and Co, raiding in numbers, swarming into our D, converting two chances despite Crockets best efforts to thwart. Generals Travis Hull and Bowie Wood (not sure that works) slowed the floods of Mexican raiders, but were overcome on a number of occasions, the last of which our illustrious skipper presented a third goal scoring opportunity which was duly converted.

Half time came with our Generals raising the morale of the fatigued volunteers. Chelmsford rallied in the second half, gave up less position and worked tireless for each other, our Generals all distinguishing themselves Crockett, Travis and Bowie, MOM deserter Knocks pulling the string from the midfield. Regulars Spencer and De Mello had good chances on the counter attack as the Mexicans flooded forward and were unlucky not to convert on a couple of occasions. Outnumbered and overrun our defences were breached with 2 further goals, again Crockett keeping the score line respectable.

The battle was lost to a younger, quicker and more attacking opposition but not the war, Chelmsford bandits still looking for their first win of the season.

Big thanks to Merv who had an excellent game

We need a strong side next week with new comers to the league Sevenoaks, visiting Chelmer park and our Skipper AWOL ….