Chelmsford Men’s 1st XI vs. Harleston Magpies

Nicole HullMatch Reports

Result: Draw 1-1

Scorers: M Millane

Chelmsford welcomed Harleston Magpies to Chelmer Park for our fourth fixture of the 2017- 18 season.

Chelmsford started the game very strong not giving the Harleston’s defence time to settle. Chelmsford’s high press and intensity forced cheap turnovers in the Harleston’s 25, with near misses coming from Mr Plummer and Mr Farmer from close range.

Harleston tested the Chelmsford defence by combining their fast forwards and skilful midfield players to stretch the Chelmsford defence. Chelmsford were made to pay for their early missed opportunities when Harleston won a short corner from their skilful forwards playing along the by line and finding a Chelmer foot. Chelmsford defended the direct shot form the top of the “D”, but were out numbered and the extra man at the top of the “D” slotted the ball past Mr Stock. The halftime whistle blew and the Chelmsford boys were 1 nil down.

Chelmsford started the second half slow and struggled with maintaining possession of the ball. Chelmsford’s strong defence including Mr Fanger and Mr Fleetwood repelled numerous attacks from the Harleston’s forward lines. Magpies forwards won another short corner, with a right slip variation the ball ended in the goal via Mr Hunters right foot. Chelmsford’s aim to force errors higher up into Magpies half caused frustration amongst the forwards, ending in a green card to Mr Millane. Chelmsford upped their game during this period, mounting pressure on the Harleston’s defence and this continued when the Chelmsford team returned to their 11 men. Mr Veera stole the ball from the Magpies centre back on the half way line, and led the Chelmsford forwards to a circle entry winning a short corner. A slick routine from the Chelmsford boys saw Mr Fanger wrong footing the Harleston keeper and reducing the deficit. The Chelmsford boys continued their high intensity with 4 minutes left in the game. Mr Fanger picked the ball from right back and slapped a diagonal pass across the pitch to Mr Millane at the top of the “D”. Mr Millane dropped his shoulder and hit the ball bottom right bringing the game level with just minutes left. Chelmsford continued their high press, but the final whistle blew and ended with a well earned point.