Chelmsford Ladies 3rd XI vs. Crostyx

Nicole HullMatch Reports

Result: Lost 0-3

The ladies 3s turned up for a late match at Chelmer Park ready to take on Crostyx 2s. We went out to the pitch ready to go, although some looking very tired and the continuous down pour of rain did not help. Crostyx took us by surprise and started their attack very quickly. Everyone came back to help defend and we managed to get the ball which we played nicely down the wings. Crostyx, who passed the ball very well to get round our players entered the D and made it 0-1. Chelmsford were determined to turn things around straight away and despite losing 0-1 at halftime, everybody fought through the rain and continued to put in a lot of effort. Coach Paul gave us some inspirational words of wisdom to up our spirits to make sure we came back fighting. We started the second half off well and won a penalty flick. Luckily they didn’t have a keeper but due to the very quick reactions of the kicking back the score remained 0-1. Fiona and Laura attacked well down the wings with Connie and Emily supporting them to switch the play across the defence. Lily remained calm throughout the match and managed to stop them a number of times from scoring. Unfortunately Crostyx put 2 more goals away but had to fight for it due to the excellent goal keeping of Annie. Despite the score being 0-3 Jo D , Jo G, Karen and Sally continued to attack passing the ball nicely between everyone but unfortunately Chelmsford were denied of a goal but everyone put in a lot of effort right until the final whistle.

Player of the match was awarded to Sally for her excellent play and high intensity throughout the whole match.